Talaash – A worthwhile search

After 3 Idiots and Dhobighat, Aamir Khan is back with his next big project from his home production company. ‘Talaash’ revolves around Inspector Surjan Singh Shekhawat as he investigates the death of a film star and the uncanny bytes that make it a seeming case of ‘Providence.’ As he dwells further into the case Shekhawat gets pulled into a web of mysterious encounters all the while dealing with his almost-broken marriage with his wife (Rani Mukherjee) and the grief of loosing his son. talaash poster

His search leads him to an encounter with Rosie (Kareen Kapoor), a sex worker who becomes his insider on the case and emotional support in fighting his inner demons.

Despite the dip in the pace and seeming distractions in the plot, the movie ties in all loose ends together as it approaches the climax.

A gripping entertainer, Talaash proves to be a treat for all audiences.

We give it a 4/5.