‘Thank You’ to our blue-collared workers

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Dubai has always been a land of opportunities for expats coming in to the country. Since Dubai’s earliest development years, Indian immigrant workers flew over to Dubai and toiled away to make a living and support their families back home. Even today, thousands of blue-collar workers still come to Dubai to make a living. These are the multitudes working as construction workers who have played a part in creating the many glamorous skyscrapers, cleaning service staff in malls, on the streets and in houses, transport services and many such occupations.

dubai labourersVery often these are the people who stay on for years on end making the most valuable contributions and building a safe, clean and comfortable city for the rest of us.

In appreciation of all the hard work and contributions of these unsung heroes, Sheikh Mohammed launched the ‘Thank You’ campaign. The campaign was launched just before his accession anniversary on Friday and its purpose is to show gratitude to these dedicated individuals, and give them the encouragement and motivation they need to carry on.


Show your support for your countrymen by giving them a heartfelt smile, a word of

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thanks, a token of appreciation.

If you know about the stories of these men and women, share it with us today.





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