The Lost Man of Rashid Hospital

Chudala Muthu Rajagopal is a 71-year old Indian expat has been ‘lost’ in Rashid Hospital for the past 4 years. Following a massive heart attack and a stroke, the Tamil resident was admitted and has since been partially paralysed, suffered memory loss and has been unable to communicate.


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He has now finally made it back to his hometown in Tamil Nadu where he can spend the rest of his life with his son. Labour Consul, MP Singh, at the Indian Consulate in Dubai and Indian social workers close to the case had worked relentlessly to get him back to his family. However getting information was challenging as Rajagopal did not have proper documents in place and would only remember bits of information after long intervals.


After publications in several Indian newspapers and one particular publication in a Tamil newspaper, Rajagopal’s son responded and identified his father. Officials played a major role by waiving off a mammoth hospital bill and coordination with Indian social workers and the consulate that covered Rajgopal’s air travel and repatriation bills.


If you know of Indian residents around Dubai who have met with physical or mental setbacks, please contact the Indian Consulate in Dubai and refer the case.