The Raaga Factory

Raaga Factory is a Musical Rhapsody being hosted the last Friday of each month, at the ‘Q Underground’, Holiday Inn Al Barsha. An avenue, both for the musically inclined, and the musically challenged, to explore different musical genres tastefully blended to create refreshing harmonies – a fusion of the old and the new, the west and the east, of melodies and percussions. A unique musical experience with a twist for those seeking fun times with friends surrounded by inspiring music, for the ones looking out for a platform where like-minded music fanatics can share an evening jamming together, for those who demand an experience with a difference, The Raaga Factory promises to be all of this and more.

The Raaga Factory will provide a platform to local musicians and singers and will be a monthly calendar event to look forward to, with the various genres of instrumental & vocal music coming together to create interesting harmonies. Whether the fusion of the percussionist and the sitar, or the jamming of the oud and the guitar, all set to the lilting tones of a nouveau treatment of Asha ji’s ‘Babuji dheere chalna’ or Kishore Da’s ‘Aa chal ke tujhe’, The Raaga Factory evenings promise to bring you something original each time, with the best local musical talent carefully auditioned to create new musical highs in an intimate and cosy setting.

The approach is simple – to provide a free rein to the creative instincts of our handpicked artists, allowing a refreshing treatment of old melodies, and creating a symphony of sounds, genres and instruments. Western tunes set to dhol beats, operas performed on Arabic tunes, folk music fused with jazz notes, Hindustani classical taans and raagas strummed on a guitar, an electronic touch to soulful sufi strains, The Raaga Factory will be a homogenized amalgamation of the classic with the contemporary, providing music lovers in Dubai access to pure, unadulterated, unchained musical melodies.

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