These 5 free apps can help you save money in UAE

A big goal for most Dubai expats is to save up enough money and go back home with their savings in tow. Nowadays, a lot of residents look to live practical lives, while not being denied the occasional luxury. Some go as far as moving to other emirates to keep rent low. But here’s the thing, saving can be done a number of ways. It’s more than just setting aside a part of your income every month. Saving is also about finding deals, reducing bills, and even earning a little on the side. These five apps can help you with exactly those.

Here WeGo

iPhone | Android

The initial purpose of Here WeGo is simple. It’s like Google Maps in that it helps you navigate. It also allows you to use maps offline so that you don’t drain your data package while you’re travelling. Less data consumption = happier wallet.


iPhone | Android

With ShopSavvy, you’re not just a smart shopper, you’re an ultra-smart shopper. What it does is that it allows you to scan barcodes and QR codes of products. Once done scanning, it lets you compare prices of the same product in other stores. You get the same product for the lowest amount possible. Win!


iPhone | Android

Some of you will dive into the idea of saving thinking that you cannot indulge yourself from time to time. Enter Groupon, an app that allows you to have fun on the cheap. The app (and website) has deals all-year-round so that you’re enjoying Dubai life while saving up.


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NearBuy is a bargain hunter’s best friend. The app is available in many UAE malls. What it does is simple. You go inside a mall and it notifies you of any sales on in the mall you’re currently at. The app also says that NearBuy users get exclusive deals. No more tiring yourself out shopping ever again!


iPhone | Android

Wally is like an accountant that can fit in your pocket. It tracks your expenses and helps you set financial goals so that you don’t spend the rest of the money in your wallet. And if you’re ever hit by that odd sensation that money is suddenly gone, Wally lets you know where your money went.





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