Transferring money to India now more convenient

Transfer rupees for free with Emirates Islamic

Benefits: Transfer Indian rupees through online banking with Emirates Islamic before 12pm Monday to Thursday and have any charges waived on your first transfer. There is no minimum amount that has to be sent, and the beneficiary will also receive the funds the same day. The corresponding bank in India is HDFC. Beware of: The promotion ends on March 31, and beneficiaries without an HDFC account may have to pay charges in India.

Free international transfers with Emirates NBD

Benefits: Emirates NBD personal banking customers can remit money internationally for free as long as they transfer their money through the bank’s digital channels – either online, through the bank’s mobile banking app or through an ATM. The offer applies to individual customers only and to transfers within the UAE. Transfers can only be made at certain ATMs. Beware of: Correspondent bank charges may apply, so check first before making the transfer.

Instant transfers to India with RAKBank

Benefits: Transfer money in real time with RAKBank’s RAKMoneyTransfer service and pay no charges on remittances to Indian banks. Funds are credited in 60 seconds to ICICI Bank, and from there to all other Indian banks in under 60 minutes. There are no deductions for the beneficiary from the Indian banks. Transfers can be made online and in bank branches. The bank plans to expand the service to the Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Beware of: The fee-free promotion ends on April 25.

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