UAE-based Abhilash Padukad has written a book on singer S. Janaki



UAE resident Abhilash Padukad knows everything there is to know about noted playback singer, S. Janaki and her songs — so he put it into an award-winning book.

S Janaki- Aalaapanathile Thenum Vayambum, available in two volumes and published by Kerala’s Logos Books, has been recognized by the India Book of Records as the most comprehensive book on Indian film music. It was launched in September in India and recently in Dubai by Arabic poet Shibab Ganem.

Nothing gives this UAE resident more joy than listening to Janaki’s songs, a habit that dates back to his childhood days when Janaki’s music filled his home. His parents, fans of Janaki, inevitably began their day with her songs.

“My mother liked her Malayalam songs while appa’s favourites were her Tamil songs, especially those composed by Ilayaraja,” says Padukad.

However, when he searched online for information on Janaki, he was disappointed to find a void — spurring him into writing the book.


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