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UAE drivers should know these things about their cars, petrol stations

In order to prevent fire accidents and explosion in the petrol stations, the Ajman Civil Defence on Thursday launched intensified an awareness campaign targeting motorists who use petrol-run vehicles

The campaigns are part of a safety awareness program planned to be carried out during the first quarter of this year.

Speaking to Khaleej Times, Colonel Nasser Al Rezi, spokeperson of the Ajman Civil Defence, said that the awareness programmes include five campaigns aimed at reducing fire accidents and explosions anywhere in Ajman.

These campaigns helped a great deal in reducing fire accidents in commercial, industrial establishments, by more that 50 per cent compared to the previous year.

Fires at petrol stations cause massive disasters and pose a great danger to anyone in the area of incident. It’s come to the authorities’ attention that many people fill up their cars while keeping their engines running, a highly unsafe practice that could lead to fires and possible explosions.

“Until now, there have been no fire-related accidents in any one of the Ajman’s eight petrol stations, but our duty is to impose precautionary measures and safety procedure to prevent it from happening. In order to ensure that, the Ajman Civil Defence launched the intensified awareness campaign targeting those who fill up their vehicles at the emirate’s petrol stations,” said Col Al Rezi.

“We are trying to educate people to turn off their car engines before pumping the gas. Start your engine and move only after refuelling is complete and the nozzle is back in the fuel dispenser. Petrol is highly flammable and gives off vaoours, so it’s also important never to smoke, light a match or stub out a cigarette while at a petrol station. Extinguish your cigarettes before you stop for refuelling,” warned Al Rezi.

He added that to avoid fuel spills, motorists must not leave a vehicle unattended. In case of a fire after or while refuelling, the driver must leave the car and area immediately and call for help. While walking to the convenience store, car wash, garage or other facilities at the petrol station, car users are asked to watch out for moving vehicles to avoid run over accidents.

The Civil Defence officers distributed pamphlets that explain procedures to highlight safety tips to be implemented while fuelling up. The department is also working with others to install banners with safety tips, in visible places at petrol stations.

The programme is part of the strategy of the Ministry of Interior to raise safety awareness among the residents, to achieve civil safety measures to the maximum.

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