UCMAS Competition in UAE on May 12

Popularly known as UCMAS Competition, one of the most awaited skill development competitions, is all set to witness the quickest and brightest kids of the UAE, on May 12, at the Al Nasr Leisureland, Dubai, for the 14th UCMAS National Abacus and Mental Arithmetic and Listening Skill Competition, Dubai.

Children of different age groups will gather to show just how quickly they can calculate. Challenged to complete 200 sums in just eight minutes, these math whizkids will use the abacus (younger competitors and beginners) or their powers of mental arithmetic (older students and advanced) in an attempt to outshine their peers and claim top spot respective categories.

Talking about the event, Director of Abacus Quest Point Swarup Anand said: “The competition is expected to draw 1,500 kids vying for winning trophies. A one-day event will witness students competing at various levels.”

Each year UCMAS organises a competition to test the skills of their genius children, informed Anand.

Talking about the event, one of the participants, Zaina, said, “We eagerly wait for this competition.

“This helps us strive for excellence and that also keeps us moving. We all are working hard for May 12. Hope to be the best on that day.”

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