Unfit at School

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) surveys reveal that 4 out of 5 schools do not the recommended duration of physical activity in schools.
Children found to be unfit.

Only one out of five schools in Dubai fulfils the recommended duration of physical activity per week, according to the latest survey by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) on physical activity and physical education in schools — pointing out to the dire need for PE guidelines and standards.

The survey, jointly conducted with the Dubai Statistics Centre, and based on 208 schools — 65 governmental and 143 private, excluding kindergartens, was aimed at determining physical activity standards across schools in Dubai, including facilities and teachers’ qualifications and experience in physical training.

The findings identify gaps that need to be addressed said senior officials from the DHA to ensure that physical education is a compulsory subject, and that students in primary/elementary schools get 150 minutes (more than three classes) per week, and in secondary schools, 225 minutes (more than four classes).