Visually impaired, former Dubai resident appointed into Obama’s Team

Sachin Dev Pavithran has been appointed at the White House to work with US President Barack Obama on key administrative issues. Sachin who is visually impaired, was educated and raised in Dubai and is a native of the southern state of Kerala. 

He has been called upon to become a member of a US Agency called Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board and work with a team of dedicated individuals to overcoming difficulties faced by the disabled.

Prior to this, Sachin was the Programme Director of the Utah Assistive Technology Programme at the Utah State University’s Centre for Persons with Disabilities. After spending his formative years in Dubai as a student of the Gulf Indian High School and Our Own English High School, Sachin decided to leave for the US to pursue his further studies where he has found the path to living an independent life with his disability and has created opportunities for himself.

He has done his nations of Dubai and India proud through his success and contributions over the years. He lives in the US state of Utah with his wife Margaret and three year old daughter, Maya.