Vodafone launches unlimited roaming plans for UAE

Vodafone has announced new international roaming plans. According to The Indian Express, the pack will be available at price points such as Rs 5000 for 30 days, Rs 3500 for 10 days and Rs 2500 for 7 days.

“In case if you are a business traveller or someone with last-minute changing itineraries, there’s a flexible option that lets frequent travellers to activate the pack once, and automatically get the benefits when they travel to any of the 47 countries at Rs. 500 for every 24-hour window of usage,” the report adds.

The plan has no cap on the number of calls and includes both incoming and outgoing calls made anywhere in the world from the three listed countries. Vodafone i-Roam Free, according to the report, offers home-like tariffs when you are roaming in 47 countries of the globe.

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