Waiter, there’s Liquid Nitrogen in my food

Pani Puri - believe it or not
Pani Puri – believe it or not
You could be saying this for real but not with shock, but a little sense of delight when you taste the avant-garde cuisine of molecular gastronomy.

At Radisson Royal Hotel’s Tresind restaurant you can indulge in your favourite Pani-Puri in which a bubble of coriander and mint water with tamarind gel is shaped into miniature semolina balls uisng liquid nitrogen.

Molecular gastronomy uses scientific principles in cooking to conjure new creations that retain the familiar taste but look out of the world.

The term was coined in 1988 by the late Oxford physicist Nicholas Kurti, and was popularised in the United Kingdom by Heston Blumenthal, whose TV series features exploding chocolate gateau.

Tresind is the UAE’s first Indian molecular gastronomy restaurant run by Sakshi Nath with her husband Bhupender Nath.

According to Mrs Nath, all the items on her menu are signature dishes, as they are all special in some way. But some are more inspired by molecular gastronomy than others.

One notable creation is the Modernist Chaat Trolley, which for Dh70 gives diners a live demonstration of three types of chaat by one of their chefs, bringing liquid nitrogen to the dining table to convert the batter into delicate solid spheres of dhokla.

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