Warning! Don’t bring this medicine into the UAE


The Ministry of Health and Prevention has warned against sharing and circulating any video clips concerning health in general, specifically the drugs. It has been noticed that video clips, on a medicine with the trade name of ‘Flumox’ went viral, recently. It is produced by the Egyptian International Pharmaceutical Industries Company (EIPICO). The drug is not registered in the UAE.

In its announcement on Monday, the ministry said it appeared that the video is old and dated back to 2015.

“It is not allowed to be re-circulated among the people for it causes panic and gives wrong impressions about the pharmaceutical system, and that it also insults the country of origin as well as the manufacturing company, which is termed as one of the best pharmaceutical companies in Egypt”, the ministry stated.

“The drug Flumox is not registered nor is sold and circulated in the country”, said Dr Amin Hussein Al Amiri, Assistant Undersecretary, who is also chairman of the supreme committee of medicinal fraud.

“The antibiotic “Flumox” is not registered and circulated in the country, and it has been verified from the country of origin, as the policemen in Egypt had confiscated six million pills of the drug in 2015, and that was not something new, therefore such news should not be circulated whatsoever”, he added.

It called on all the members in the society to contact its office immediately in case of discovering ‘Flumox’ in the country, by calling the toll free phone number 80011111, through “Tamini” Gate or by calling any government health authority in the UAE.



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