WATCH: Indian tailor in Dubai wins Dh35,000 cash



Shabbir Khan, 48, an Indian tailor living in Dubai since 2006 recently stunned everyone with his singing performance in a hugely popular singing contest ‘Camp ka champ’. He won the competition with the cash prize of Dh35,000 and became singer of the season. As his name was announced as the winner of the contest, Khan was unable to contain his emotions and tears of joy rolled down his cheeks.

“I was speechless when I heard my name as the winner. Honestly, I never thought even in my wildest dreams that I will ever get a chance to perform in front of so many people and my talent will get acknowledged like this. I wanted to share the news with my family immediately but it was too late call so I had to wait until next morning,” he told Khaleej Times.

Khan, a small time embroidery worker, originally from a small village in Rajasthan was raised in Ahmedabad, India. He came to Dubai hoping to be able to give a good life to his family back home in India. Although he was quite famous among his friends and relatives for his melodious voice, he never thought about taking part in any competition before.

“I had to leave my studies when I was just 15 because of financial problems. Singing was in my blood from the very beginning, I love patriotic songs and I am a diehard fan of legendry Indian singers like Mohammed Rafi, Kishore Kumar and Mukesh ji”.

Khan now dreams of taking his passion to the next level. He wishes to come up with an album in the future and also specified that he sings for his satisfaction and not for money.


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