Watch: ‘Love Letters to Dubai’ film goes viral (

Dubai: As the UAE gears up to celebrate the 43rd National Day on December 2, one nostalgic homage to Dubai is climbing up the online popularity charts.
‘Love Letters to Dubai’, a two-and-a-half minute film by Dubai-based Indian singer and artist Gayathri Krishnan- Erlings, is racking up the views and winning hearts.
“We’ve crossed more than 5,000 views in less than two days. The response has been very heart warming,” Krishnan-Erlings told tabloid!. “The most amazing thing is people I don’t even know writing to me, telling me they’ve cried watching the video, and that it’s reminded them of things that’s in the back of the memories. That is so overwhelming and wonderful to hear.”

Filmed to a poem written by her, interspersed with shots of two characters as they walk around Dubai, Krishnan-Erlings’ touching video celebrates the city’s past as it honours its present.
“We are the nostalgiacs, the simpletons… The ones that fell asleep in the backs of cars as our fathers drove us home,” she says in a voiceover. “Woke up in a city where old playgrounds, cinemas and homes disappeared in a blink of an eye…

Then, later, she adds: “My city is glorious… a goldmine of memories. Built by the hands of those who left behind the hands of those they love. But beneath the inexhaustible rhythm of change, were intangible constants.”
Filmed during the summer, Krishnan-Erlings, said the video cost nothing to make: Her husband composed the music, and her sister and friend agreed to part of it.
She said she decided to make the film as an answer to people who say the city has no soul.
“Having grown up here, I feel I need to justify and defend the city to a lot of people,” says the singer whose family brought her here when she was seven. “It’s been an incredible opportunity for my family and many families like ours. When people say it has no soul or no culture, it really starts to get to me. So I thought I owned it to Dubai to tell people just how much soul it has.”

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