Worker in coma for 9 months flown home from Dubai

A 29-year-old Indian worker has been repatriated to his hometown in Assam after lying in coma for nine months in Dubai’s Rashid Hospital. M.D. Noor Ahmad Chowdhury was hardly two months into his new job as a salesman when he slipped into coma after suffering stroke and bleeding in the brain at a Dubai shop where he worked in July last year.

He underwent two surgeries and remained on ventilator in the ICU of Rashid Hospital for several days. After undergoing tracheostomy in the ICU, he was weaned off from the ventilator and was given physiotherapy, hospital records showed.

Chowdhury’s enduring 15-hour journey back home by air and road became possible after Indian social worker Naseer Vatanappally took up the mission of contacting his family after seeing him during a hospital visit two months ago.
Naseer, who heads the welfare committee of Markaz Centre operating under the Awqaf [General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments], told Gulf News that the hospital, the Indian Consulate in Dubai and Air India took special efforts in repatriating Chowdhury.

“There is no special treatment that he requires from here now. His family also wants him nearby. So, Rashid Hospital has allowed his discharge even though his bills piled up to around Dh245,000.”

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