XYZ from ABC school spelled correctly XYZ to win


The Danube Spellilng Bee contest saw a thrilling finals on Saturday with contestants vying to spell words as difficult as phytophilous, xerostomia, and arenicolous say a report from Gulf News.

However so hurried were the Gulf News reporters to be the first to put the news out, that they forgot to replace the ‘variables’ in their online story.

“As the contestants – 11 to 15-year-olds – were eliminated one by one, it was XYZ from ABC school that was crowned champion. She correctly spelt XYZ, taking home a Dh25,000 cash prize by MetLife Alico. “


Link to Gulf News story

The final results:
“Wallaby” Champion Word – Pranathi Mahesh Rao – Grade 9G – Modern High School
First Runner-Up – Chelsea D Cruz – Winchester School – Grade 9G1
Second Runner-Up – Jodmutt Bhatt – Millenium Dubai- Grade 10B

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